The Amazing Wild Yam

Wild Yams
Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) has a long history of being used as a Women’s herb.  It has many health benefits but is best known for nourishing the female reproductive system, including menopause and premenstrual syndrome.  Wild Yam also supports glandular function by supplying it with essential nutrients.

Wild Yam is believed to relieve symptoms related to menopause, ease pregnancy nausea and decrease water retention. They also help regulate the menstrual cycle making it more predictable and regular.  Yams have antispasmodic properties which help ease menstrual cramps.

Wild Yam contains plant hormone precursors, which assists in the balancing and production of estrogen and progesterone.  Available data denotes that these can be used as a nutritional support for fibroids and breast cancer and may help prevent and resolve breast cysts.  It is also useful for low thyroid function, weight gain, fluid retention, and depression.

Additional data denotes that Wild Yam benefits inflammatory and stress conditions.  Consuming it can normalize the production of the adrenal cortex hormones.  The anti-inflammatory and anti-stress hormones help prevent inflammation and maintain joint integrity. This would explain the anti-arthritic, especially relating to rheumatoid arthritis and anti-rheumatic effects.

P4, a natural progesterone [molecularly] identical to human progesterone, is made from Wild Yams. It is an end product and is super micronized. 

Introducing Progessence Plus

A natural way to balance the female body, and is the first-ever progesterone serum on the market, and it’s only available through Young Living.  Progessence Plus serum is an innovative progesterone serum specially formulated by D. Gary Young and Dr. Dan Purser, MD.

Progessence Plus serum is formulated for maximum performance. All natural, USP-grade super-micronized progesterone from Wild Yam is melted in Vitamin E and Essential Oils for optimal absorption. Studies indicate that limonene from frankincense and bergamot and menthol from peppermint oil can enhance substance penetration through the skin. Progessence Plus does not require the cycling of application sites.  Can be used by all menstruating females over the age of twelve.  This product is for women only.  For more information or to order CLICK HERE.